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Little Green Sprouts

Inspire hands-on learning and inquiry into seeds, nutrition, soil science, plant needs, how food is grown and more!


There are 62 Little Green Sprouts gardens in classroom across NL.

Join a growing number of teachers and students across Canada discovering the fun and learning of growing food right in their own classrooms! Grow microgreens, lettuce, herbs and more as part of Little Green Sprouts, our newest indoor gardening adventure for Kindergarten to Grade 2 classrooms.

How is Little Green Sprouts different from Little Green Thumbs?

A Little Green Sprouts garden is smaller than a Little Green Thumbs garden, and is best suited to growing micro-greens, lettuce and a small assortment of herbs. The timeframe needed for growing Little Green Sprouts crops is much less than a Little Green Thumbs garden, which requires months to produce from seed to vegetable. The program is best suited to Kindergarten to Grade 2 students, while Little Green Thumbs is best suited to Grade 3 to 6 classrooms. The Little Green Thumbs program offers increased support and training over the Little Green Sprouts program, as well as greater access to learning and growing resources appropriate to higher grades.


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