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Welcome to the Climate Change page. 

Scroll down and read the facts, watch the videos, play the games and do the puzzle. Have fun while you learn about what is being done to slow down Climate Change.

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The long-term shifts in temperature, precipitation and wind patterns caused by human activities through greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gases act like a blanket around the earth, trapping heat and raising temperatures.

Interesting Videos about Climate Change

How can climate change affect farmers in NL?
Scroll/click each headline for more info.

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Droughts and precipitation deficits, crop & livestock stress, pest & disease.

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Flooded soil due to increased precipitation could negatively impact agriculture

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Wetter spring may delay planting or seeding due to waterlogged fields.

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Milder winter temperatures could have implications for pests & diseases.

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Intrusion of salt water is a concern and could compromise soil and surface water quality.

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“Over 70% of farmers in Canada have an environmental plan.”

What can farmers do to adapt and mitigate climate change?

Farmers are used to planning for uncertainty, but climate change is bringing new extremes, seasonal shifts, and increased variability that are likely to push the boundaries of our climate beyond anything they are used to managing.

Here are six ways farmers can protect their farms against climate change.


Climate Change by the Numbers
Scroll over bullets (left) and sector names (right) for exact percentages.

Historic Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Newfoundland & Labrador 1990 - 2014

Greenhouse Emmissions NL.png

Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector - 2015

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Test your Climate Change knowledge

Have fun with our Climate Change puzzle!
Click on menu dropdown to the left and modify the puzzle to the number of pieces you would like to do.

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