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Amazing Agriculture Adventure

Virtual Amazing Agriculture Adventure

In-Person Amazing Agriculture Adventure

The in-person Amazing Agriculture Adventure (AAA) was held at the Agriculture Expos in Corner Brook and Grand Falls-Windsor (Sept 28 & Oct 14). Over 550 students and teachers participated in the AAA where students go from booth to booth and visit farmers and agriculture representatives to learn about the NL agriculture industry. Thank you to our participating students, teachers, volunteers and booth holders for an AMAZING AAA! 

Virtual Amazing Agriculture Adventure

Agriculture in the Classroom Newfoundland and Labrador (AITC-NL) is hosted an exciting Virtual Amazing Agriculture Adventure (AAA) for Grades 5 and 6 classes from November 28 to December 9, 2022. 

Teachers were provided with a package that included video links to 17 farm tours and agriculture related videos and the classes answered a series of questions based on whichever 4 videos they chose. Topics included in the farm tours videos are Food Safety, Chicken Farming, Berry Farming, Lester’s Farm Market tour, Mark’s Market tour, Honey Bee Farm, Dairy Farm, Egg Processing, Soil and Plants, Plant Adaptations, Cranberry Farming,  and MORE.

Each class that participated entered to win a class prize. 5 winners were chosen, however each participating class received a set of resources and activities from AITC-NL. Winners were provided The Seed Detective kit where students investigate mystery seeds to guess what plants they are growing! The winners of the Virtual Amazing Agriculture Adventure were: Ms. Perry, Southwest Arm Academy; Ms. Cadwell, Newtown Elementary; Ms. Johnston, Stephenville Middle School; Ms. Paddock, Henry Gordon Academy and Ms. Brown, Riverwood Academy.

Thank you to the over 850 students and teachers that participated in both the in-person and virtual Amazing Agriculture Adventure!


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